Yoghurt Fruit Cake

Sponge material
150 gr plain butter
200 gr powdered sugar
5 eggs
300 gr flour
1 teaspoon vanila
250 gr YUMMY Yoghurt Natural Plain

Coating material
250 gr (1 cup) YUMMY Neufchatel Cream Cheese
250 gr Natural Plain YUMMY Yoghurt
50 gr honey
Mix all ingredient then put away.

Topping and garnish
100 gr strawberry
100 gr kiwi fruit
100 gr peach (canned if preferable)
100 gr dragon fruit
3 pieces red grape
6 pieces red cherry


Sponge material
Beat butter and powdered sugar until fluffy.
Beat in eggs one by one until even.
Add vanilla and flour, mix well.
Pour batter into butter covered 22cm diameter pan.
Bake in 180* C oven for 25 minutes. Put away to cool.

Cut fruit to taste.
After sponge cake has cooled, cover cake with coating material.
Decorate fruit on top of coating.
Serve as dessert.