Fetah Chicken Breast

Chicken Fillet
2 pcs chicken breast
50 gr YUMMY Fetah Cheese Cow
2 eggs
100 gr bread flour
Cooking oil

  Cream Sauce
125 gr YUMMY Plain Yoghurt
125 gr YUMMY Sour Cream
1 Magi block chicken flavor

Buttered rice (1 portion, 1 tablespoon butter and salt to taste. Mix well)
Boiled vegetables


Chicken Fillet
Split the chicken breast length wise but do not seperate it.
Fill the middle with fetah cheese then fold it back.
Beat eggs, then dip the chicken in eggs and roll in bread flour twice.
Place in a pyrex plate greased with butter and bake in 180* C oven.
Decorate with buttered rice, vegetables and sauce.

Saus Krim
Stir until even yoghurt and sour cream, then add Magi block.
Season to taste and pour on chicken while it's hot.